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8:18am 07-30-2018
Ricky A Richards Sr
Enjoyed looking at and reading on your site about the car,antennas and Korea.

Ricky A Richards Sr
4:48am 10-31-2017
Gerd, DD4DA
Hi Bruce,
i had found your antenna farm at my last visit a few days ago at clarksville and ask me who is ham who owen this. Now, i had found it. I just would like to send you a greeting from germany.

vy 73 de Gerhard, DD4DA

vy 73 de Gerhard, DD4DA
6:36pm 02-18-2016
David Hoover
First: That car is sick. SICK!!! I don't know what would posses a person to do such a thing. On another note; I am thinking about dropping a "mild" 427 stroked 351W into a fox body thunderbird (a 427 with a trick flow or Edelbrock top end kit). Just a toy to play around in town. A third car. There is an '87 on craigslist that is in great shape. Any tips? After initial purchase I am willing to put maybe $6,000 into it and not all at once. A couple grand at a time. Another option might be initially to run a votec at around 8psi on a 351w with aftermarket heads, trickflow intake and a custom ground cam. Thoughts?
12:34pm 01-01-2016
4:51pm 11-20-2014
I don't know what's cooler: the Bird or the old RATT rig!
9:58am 03-24-2014
tom mcjunkin
i read the article you put up on changing a gas carb over to e85 i would like to talk to you more about it im changing over 2 650 holleys for my street car, quickfuel is telling me i have to drill out the emulsion tubes in the metering block in the article all that was done was restrictors put in any help would would be great
thanks tom
4:33am 02-07-2013
Amazing thunderbird lots of work on it I wonder how long its been to get there 800rwhp holy !!!! amazing cars and bikes as well thanks for sharing them
8:33am 01-27-2013
Bill Riley
Was great meeting you. Would love for you to reconsider joining us in NC
9:23am 01-20-2013
David B
This is Not your Father's Thunderbird. Bruce took me for a ride in it, and Depends should be worn while riding in this car!
9:34am 01-13-2013
Travis T
I have owned and driiven many fast cars, but none compare to this Thunderbird. First time I was actually scared on a straight road.
3:21pm 01-09-2013
Michelle King
I have loved your car for years! It looks great and sounds awesome! I always want to be in the car right behind yours! Can't get enough of that roar!! Keep up the fun!
1:09pm 12-22-2012
Looking good, next time I see that car I want a ride.......